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go They're not confrontational, but this may cause others to underestimate them. Geminis may be chatterboxes, but they talk sense. They are wise beyond their years. They love a good conversation and can charm you with their words. They love debates and would make a great orator. Intelligence is their secret weapon.

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They're always open to learning new things, perceptive and can read people well. Everything is quick for a Gemini. They're quick learners, fast talkers, whimsical and also tend to lose interest fast. They're easily bored and distracted. You can never know a Gemini completely.

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They can be loving and gentle one moment and distant and detached the other. You never know which part of a Gemini you are experiencing. There is a constant battle between their emotions and intellect. They're social and fun people, which makes them the life of every party. People love hanging out with them because of their adventurous and carefree nature. They cannot stand small minded people, silence and routine. Geminis are great flirts and know how to charm people.

Gemini Women

Some Geminis love to be the center of attention; others love to gossip. While you may want to know your friend's secrets, she won't trust you unless you're willing to tell her your own. In the case she feels in any way restrained, she will most certainly start lying. Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and fellow Gemini seem to not be bothered by their approach to love, as they are highly compatible with the Twins. Language Selection:.

Dating is like an inborn talent with them. They can date more than one person at a time and can be quite the player until their thirst for variety is satisfied. You may think you're playing a Gemini, but they're usually the ones playing you.

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Their love for excitement and passion makes them lose interest quickly and they tend to change partners. Geminis are 'all or nothing' kind of lovers. There is no halfway for Geminis. They are reluctant to commit because they fear it will take away their independence. Geminis are on a lifelong quest for their other half, be a mentor, a friend, a lover or a confidant.

They seek partnership in whoever they find until they meet 'The One', their missing half who matches their energy. But when they find the right one, they remain faithful forever. Gemini women are fiercely independent and never lose their individuality in a relationship. Once they commit, they're loyal and will go out of their way to keep you happy and safe. They are soft and delicate lovers. Gemini women are not jealous by nature so they cannot stand possessive lovers. They're adventurous and fun. They're extremely social and have a large group of friends. Be prepared to handle a Gemini woman's mood swings.

She can be loving in one moment and emotionally aloof in another. Trust her and she will be the best lover ever! Also, they don't particularly like the idea of finding one true love and staying committed to them. Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and fellow Gemini seem to not be bothered by their approach to love, as they are highly compatible with the Twins. Learn more about Gemini compatibility with other zodiac signs here:. Geminis are well suited for careers that require clear and easy communication.

Thanks to their incredible communication skills and their intelligent minds, Gemini people can interact well with others. The mind of Gemini keeps coming up with new and innovative ideas and has the ability to see things in a different light, which makes the Gemini a great employee. Gemini people are not overly concerned about the money they possess and they can quite happily spend all their cash on one project only if they find it sufficiently interesting.

A Gemini man is charming and lively — a man with very active body and mind. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini man loves traveling and gets easily bored. He is impatient, unpredictable and restless, but very friendly and affectionate towards other people. A Gemini man loves to communicate with people and is a very intelligent man with a great sense of humor. He loves to enjoy life to the fullest while monotony and routine suffocate him.

He rarely gets into a serious relationship and has a tendency to change his partners often. One of his biggest fears is being mistrusted or being misunderstood. A Gemini woman is talkative and very analytical.

Gemini Woman

She has a rational outlook towards life and is easily approachable and career oriented person. The woman born under this sun sign is usually very charming, friendly, witty and outspoken. She loves to travel and explore new places. The Gemini woman is always optimistic and trusts people, so obviously she has many good friends.

When she is in a relationship, she is not possessive and gives complete freedom and independence to her partner. In order to keep her attention, her partner needs to express himself fully and openly. According to the zodiac Gemini woman is often unpredictable and is always on a quest for stimulation, both mental and physical. You've been working hard to achieve your goals, so the rewards will be plentiful in , as long as you maintain your focus, boldness, and discipline in each of your endeavors.

This is not so easy for you, Gemini, as you get bored quickly, so this year choose a task and stick to it.

Gemini Love Compatibility

You are the most adaptive zodiac sign, so you're not afraid of changes. In the beginning of the year, you will face some challenges, so you will need to focus more on your health and relationships. Thanks to your dedication and focus, things will get better in February and March. Eclipses in the months of February and August will change your communication strategy, so your words will become even more meaningful.

You're always giving your all in your love relationships, which is not so easy for you. Your unstable nature often makes you distracted, so your partner might feel neglected by you at times. In the beginning of the year, as Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius, you may feel upset and distressed in love. If you're already in a relationship, a recurring conflict might appear yet again, However, if you're looking for love, you might find yourself feeling depressed at this time.

You will need to relax and allow these difficult moments to pass because as March comes along, things will brighten up. Between March and April, you can expect something exciting to happen; perhaps the soulmate you've been looking for will finally come into your life.

The Zodiac Sign Gemini Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

You'll be bursting with creativity for most of the year, which is awesome but if you focus all your energy on your mental faculties, you'll quickly run out of power and you will need to recharge. Even though health concerns are minimal for your sign this year, be sure to do a health checkup just to make sure everything is alright. You may need to make some changes to your diet by adding more fiber and loads of leafy greens. Regular exercise is also recommended in order to relieve stress and tension. Your ideal career is one that is constantly changing and is always offering new job opportunities.

If you're feeling bored at work, March and April are good months for changes or for making big decisions about your career. With the transition of Jupiter from Virgo to Libra in September, you will see a burst of success at work, whether it's a recognition or promotion. In early December, a favorable time in your career will begin for you and your hard work will finally be rewarded. Your finances look good this year, as long as you stay focused on saving money and work hard to earn them.

Gemini Woman Personality - Characteristics; Nature

September is the perfect month to make the investment you've been thinking about for a long time. Remember to always think carefully before you act when you're making important money decisions. You're the most talkative sign of the zodiac and you're definitely not afraid to speak your mind. Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Aries from the end of March to April, which means that you might have communication problems during this time.

The Sun will spend some time in your zodiac sign starting from the end of May until June and this will strengthen your natural skills and talents. In , you'll have way more energy than usual and you'll be able to do many things and connect with more people. This is the year for you to start new projects or make some dramatic changes in your life. Your instincts will be also heightened this year, so always trust your gut. When it comes to love, you're going to be very happy in your relationship this year. If you were bored last year, in you can expect to regain the spark in your romantic relationship.

Whether you're a single Gemini or in a committed relationship, you're a smooth talker and a charmer, so you won't have problems in the love department. If you're currently single and looking for the right one, you're likely to meet many new people this year. You will have to get out more, be honest with your feelings and your desires, and you're more likely to attract someone to you. Your planet Mercury turns retrograde in mid-November, which will slow down communication and affect your decision-making abilities. This gives you a lot of time to just relax, look at your love life and see if you need to work on your relationship.

In , you'll be blessed with an unexpected burst of energy, Gemini. Therefore, you need to make sure that you keep your mind and body healthy and in prime condition. Exercise regularly to boost both your physical and mental health. Whenever you feel tired, make sure to rest your body and you'll likely have a healthy year.

The Gemini Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

This article is all about understanding the Gemini woman characteristics. personalised reading, try the Birth Chart based service Your Horoscope Analysis. Gemini woman is outgoing, spontaneous and very eloquent. Gemini sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign.

In , you'll also feel more energized and more productive while you're at work. You'll be able to get more done this year, especially when Mercury turns direct at the end of August — a period when you can start new projects because you're going to be confident in your decisions. In October, Jupiter moves into your 6th House of Work and stays there until November, which means that you can expect great opportunities for more jobs.

When it comes to finances, you're probably going to make some extra money this year. However, be careful and don't waste it unless you can afford to do so. Your spending habits may be especially bad in , so keep a close eye on your budget and don't splurge on irrelevant things. Astrologers suggest that you pay off your debts this year, even though you would love to spend money on material possessions that make you happy. Having Mercury as a ruling planet means to be curious, communicative, and with a spot-on intellect. Gemini, this year you will be guided through a world of partnerships, agreements, and dealing with all kinds of people.

Your creativity and multitasking abilities will truly come in handy in the following as you will be faced with new and exciting challenges that require your complete attention and devotion. Changes and improvement — this is what the year has planned for you, Gemini. You will have to be in control of the situations you put yourself into. This year your love life will flourish, Gemini. This also means that you will attract a lot of people who might hurt you in a way, but not to worry.