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Sagittarius Horoscope 12222: A Year To Make The Most Of Opportunities

go Growth this year is measured by the satisfaction that comes from reaching personal goals and making personal changes. During this year, character traits, which either help or hinder your ambitions, will surface. It is your job to foster the more positive qualities and to overcome any deficiencies that are apparent. This can be a year for healing and recuperation from a difficult personal or business relationship. It will certainly be a time of great personal progress and it depends on what you are ready for. Real estate will be important to you this year; you are apt to change your place of residence or change something about your home, pay off a mortgage, or purchase an investment property.

Some Sagittarians will relinquish certain family ties, move off to a new environment and start a new phase in life. Some will have a household member come or go during the year, perhaps a new roommate moving in, or a grown child moving out to a separate residence away from the family home. Feeling comfortable at home becomes very important and you need to make changes in your home or lifestyle to attain this sense of comfort.

Your aim will be to create a place of retreat reflecting your individual emotional style and needs. There are several different ways to do this and changes can be physical or emotional, radical or minor, depending on your frame of mind. Intellectual development is favoured during this year, not only through higher education and basic training.

Many Sagittarians will prefer to be self-taught rather than return to school. More than likely, the emphasis will be on testing and using already acquired intellectual abilities rather than focusing on further development. This is a time to put into action what you already know, make improvements to your surroundings, especially employment. Your mind will be very active and very quick, perhaps even impulsive.

You may choose to hammer out your ideas during conversations and meetings. Be aware that you will tend to be very opinionated and perhaps even dogmatic during certain discussions; compromise will benefit everyone. Because you are in the process of developing your ideas, your thoughts will change rapidly over the year.

You may have to eat some of your dogmatic decrees, so it would be wise to talk softly. This will certainly be a successful year on a personal level. You can expect to gain greater emotional and material security, but much patience will be required. During April and May, Mars will enter your own sign and during this period your destiny may lead you to experiment with new and interesting changes in profession or activities related to people and places. Your observations and energy levels will be full steam ahead and you will concern yourself with all forms of improvement and capitalise on new opportunities.

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Some may become greatly interested in ecology and many will investigate artistic and creative fields. If you are interested in dramatic arts, movies, theatre, music, television, or print media, you could become an artist or journalist specialising in those subjects. Some may prefer and start a career in advertising, public relations, hospitality, defence forces, law, or become self-employed.

For those unsure of what they would like to do, or leaving college and considering higher education, perhaps the study of veterinary science, agronomy, botany, research, radio announcing, counselling, psychology, astrology or metaphysics would attract you. It is possible for some to begin a career in real estate, home design or interior decoration during this year.

You will be very impatient when following orders and submitting to schedules and routines. You are very practical, so you seek an activity that will allow you to live nicely without restricting your freedom. Venus, the planet of nice, harmonious influences, will enter your own sign in January and sectors of employment and services to others during May, June, August and September. During these cycles, expect some wonderful opportunities to come your way, through promotions, better career options, pay increases, commissions, or you may be involved in an exciting series of circumstances that gives you a chance to achieve the things you have only dreamed about.

Your positive input this year will be recognised by bosses and those of importance and you can be assured of great success in your career path. At times throughout this year you may feel as if the burden of responsibility is too much for you.

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Tossing it all in rather than persevering may even be an option for you. Always remember, others will appreciate what you do for them this year and your achievements will be recognised. In the second half of this year you will earn more money and may also travel in connection with your employment.

You are a visionary and could become a leader, though you could also find strong opposition to and disagreement with your novel and unusual ideas. Thanks to your futuristic vision you will help in the transformation of your career surroundings to your advantage throughout Gemini rules your sector of partnerships, marriage, close personal and business relationships, and the person you share everything with.

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Pin It on Pinterest. You will have to be a little milder. A Full Moon in Aquarius on the 15th is about humanitarian instincts, community and doing what we can for our fellow humans. Born with the Moon in Sagittarius, you are likely to be innately optimistic, expansive and positive in your point of view. The month gets off to a slightly sticky start with a Venus Ah, Venus -- the sweet, affectionate and romantic planet of love. So, be careful and stay composed according to Sagittarius in August is a good time for an image switch, a makeover or a new definition of who you are.

During , Venus, the planet of love and affection, will influence your relationships severely, especially when Venus clashes with an array of planets throughout this year. For many singles, despite your controlled and thoughtful nature regarding love and relationships, the decision to marry may be very much on your mind throughout this year; some may make a decision that is quick and precipitated. It is possible that many young Sagittarians will attract someone older. Women may choose as a husband a man who is strong, sure of himself, possessive and very jealous, causing certain limitation with personal freedom.

Most Sagittarians will experience a year of passionate and intense union and will share every moment and every decision with your partner.

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Please note: Your Sagittarius daily horoscope is an overview of the movement of the planets based on your Sagittarius star sign using the position of the Sun. The monthly horoscopes utilize the planets Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars predominantly to determine the effects on your Sun sign.

Living together will not be totally calm and it is possible that you will experience periods of tension and fighting, especially during April when Mars enters Gemini. Some of your most common complaints about your partner will be jealousy, selfishness, whimsical or inflexible attitudes, and aggressiveness. Nevertheless, you will be happy to find someone totally devoted to you who will fight to keep you by his or her side.

Sagittarius horoscope 12222:

If you manage to get along and moderate your disagreements, you will have a successful year in relationships, however some Sagittarians will consider separation or a divorce. This year do not evaluate the success of any relationship by the result because it does not depend solely upon you. Always analyse what you have done: if you have offered yourself correctly, if you have loved sincerely, if you have set aside your selfishness. What the other person does is his or her own responsibility and you cannot manipulate it.

In a couple, the responsibilities are always divided in half; take care of your share. Throughout , your moods will have the upper hand for a while; this is a good year to talk about your feelings with someone, especially with a close friend. Do not let pleasantries or small talk keep you from the more important issues. In most cases, a personal relationship you encounter will be a change for the better. You will become very romantic and dreamy during this year and you will idealise the person you love more.

Your imagery at times may not be in total accordance with reality and that could bring deceptions in the future if care is not taken. Be coherent and realistic and accept other people the way they are. During this year, some love relationships will be platonic, you will enjoy going out and you will develop a love for new friends, groups and social activities.

As a person you will be outgoing and friendly and will meet lots of new people and share many new experiences. During this busy year, you can expect many happy surprises and new opportunities to occur that will improve your financial security.

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Where money is concerned, this is a year you will attract many benefits through a salary or wage increase, settlements, new career position, a golden handshake, pension or some form of savings plan. If you are not presently working, this can be the year you seek permanent employment. Those who work on a commission or incentive basis will have the opportunity for a significant increase in income.

For those who work in sales, this can be the year you land that big account; there's the possibility of receiving a lump sum of money during the year. Generally, the money is not a gift, but remuneration associated with your job or some form of savings plan. Some lucky Sagittarians can expect a gift or windfall through lotteries or gambling, others will receive funds through selling of a business, or property, retiring and collecting pension funds, receiving an advance for a book or invention, or winning a sabbatical or grant for educational or research purposes.

Unfortunately, this year your spending will also increase temporarily, you may make one large purchase or have increased unexpected expenses during the year. At times you will spend money to make more money. If you are in business and wish to expand your business or your number of clients, you might buy extra advertising time or space. If you are selling your home for a profit, you might make improvements, which will maximise the return on your investment. Are you dreaming of love and success? Reach for the stars, Sagittarius and consult a Psychic expert!

When will you find love? Sagittarius, discover your love destiny by consulting a Psychic! Leave a comment. Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0.

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Astrology rating:. Passion will spice up your relationship! Fun surprises are in store. They know what they can expect from you.

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Do you think it's crazy you can't always make people do what you want? You can't expect that everyone always fulfils your wishes. You will have to be a little milder.

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You feel a bit lazy but there are so many things you can handle this weekend and this is the right time to really start working. The results will be worth it. You are doing it well. Before you realize it your money will fly out of the door and you don't know on what you have spend it all. On top of that this could bring you in an awkward situation and you don't want to manoeuvre yourself into a dependent position.

Today is a lucky day for you, Sagi. You might just be able to use this luck at your workplace and at home. You have gone through the toughest of things in the last couple of weeks. Don't worry anymore because today is about fun, happiness and good vibes. Go spoil yourself a little bit today. Buy yourself a cake, order your favorite food or go shopping. Spoil yourself! You are on fire today, Sagi.